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Alliances du Monde® is a qualitative confrontation of wines matured in oak barrels. The amount of the wine available should be at least of 1 000 liters.

Samples delivery deadline: September 29, 2015
  • 6 bottles of 750 ml or 10 bottles of 500 ml or 375 ml (with front and back labels).
  • A technical sheet dedicated to presentation including: development, area of growth, ­maturity of wine, density of plantation, grape harvest, wine making (barrel or tank), ­maturation of wine…
  • An analysis bulletin dated less than one year ago. It must specify the parcel number as well as the following results: specific gravity, actual and potential alcohol content, reducing sugar, pH, total acidity, volatile acidity, free SO2, total SO2, pressure above atmospheric and CO2.
  • Authenticity declaration on the honour of wines matured in oak barrels.
  • 3 labels (with front and back labels).

Regarding the strict application of the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance standard, the samples will be preserved during 3 years. Beyond that time, they will be offered to research and teaching Institutes, wine sensory panels or Charities foundations.

Participation Costs by samples :

  Cost HT in euros VAT (20 %) in euros Cost in euros
France 150 30 180
Out of France - - 180

  All bank fees are in charge to the drawer.

Tasting Notes Report(optional)

  Cost HT in euros VAT (20 %) in euros Cost in euros
France In French 37,50 7,50 45
In English 45,84 9,16 55
Out of France In French - - 45
In English - - 55

  All bank fees are in charge to the drawer.

Registration Forms

Language Description General Informations Registration Form
Registration Form in french to send sample from france. Informations Form
Registration Form in french to send sample from outside of france. Informations Form
Registration Form in english. Informations Form

Technical Sheet

Language Description Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet (in French) Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet (in English) Technical Sheet

Transport of Samples

  Caution !
Specify in all your documents:

"Value in customs 0.5 euros per bottle. Samples for tasting purposes only, no commercial value."

In no case shall the shipment value exceed 22 euros (22 USD). If it exceeds 22 euros, you will be charged for extra costs.

Samples delivery deadline: September 29, 2015

Goods from European countries

GGermany, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Cyprus, Spain, Finland, France (capsule c.r.d.), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Netherland, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, (also Israel, Switzerland : if accompagned with a eur 2).

Deposits of the samples to Alliances du Monde®:

(Offices opened from 8 a.m till 19 p.m without any interruption). You confide your samples to a forwarding company of your choice:

Alliances du Monde®
1229 chemin du Roy de Croix
From France Fax:
From aboard Fax: 333.

Goods from non-European countries

New Zealand, Australia, South of Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Japan, China, Lebanon, Morocco, Croatia, Moldavia, India, Thailand, Armenia, Turkey…

You confide your samples to a forwarding company of your choice:

  • Customs clearance and transport costs to Mâcon - Alaine Overseas Company are payable by the purchaser.
  • The clearance formalities are made by our forwarding agent : Alaine Overseas Company
Société ALAINE OVERSEAS - Forwarding Agent
Contact : Cedric Dufour
Alliances du Monde®
Quai Jouffroy d'Abbans
71000 MACON
From France Tel. - Fax
From aboard Tel. 333. - Fax 333.

Transport by DHL Express

Goods from all countries Except from France

By entrusting the transport of your samples to DHL, you ensure faster distribution, reliable and economical service without additional expenses. DHL Express service includes the pickup of your premises and delivery to the final destination. Costs of customs clearance, costs of delivery to the forwarding agent and costs of rights and taxes could be billed.

In order to validate the DHL transport:
  1. Return the shipment form "Procedure to follow": by Fax 333. or e-mail: infos@alliances-du-monde.com
  2. You will received a notification e-mail from DHL in order to confirm the shipment.
  3. Follow the instructions given in the e-mail to confirm the shipment.
Customized prices conditions:
  • The shipment costs will be invoiced by Alliances du Monde® (see registration form).
  • We strongly advise you to pack your bottles in polystyren boxes, which restrain the risk of breaking. At the opposite, wood boxes represent the higher damage risk.
  • The invoice will be raised according to the weight indicated on the shipment.
Procedure to follow
Language Description Procedure
Procedure to follow in french.
Procedure to follow in english.
Tarification DHL personnalisée
Language Description Price list
DHL Price list in French.
DHL Price list in English.

Become an Expert-Judge

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la naissance de la confrontation Alliances du Monde, international Wine & Barrel competition®. Sa deuxième édition se déroulera les 8 et 9 octobre 2014 à l'Abbaye de Noirlac au cœur des plus belles futaies de chêne d'Europe, en lisière de la célèbre forêt de Tronçais.

Cette rencontre annuelle est consacrée à la qualité des vins élevés en fût de Chêne. Si vous souhaitez participer, nous vous proposons de nous rejoindre dans cette nouvelle démarche en tant qu'expert-juré.

Pour cela :

  • Faire la demande à infos@alliances-du-monde.com
  • Faire preuve de son professionnalisme et de sa connaissance de l'univers des vins vins élevés en fût de Chêne.
  • Parler le Français