Alliances du Monde®
International Wine & Barrel Competition 

Birth of the first international Mark of Quality about wine and oak harmony

The first edition of Alliances du Monde®
international Wine & Barrel competition
October 29, 2013, in the Noirlac Abbey, France.

In the heart of the most beautiful European oak forests, on the edge of the forest of Tronçais, for the first time, an international competition will bring together and select the best wines matured in oak barrels.   

Its ambition is therefore to highlight the quality of wines, which benefit from the best wine/oak expression by attributing, each year, medals that are reliable and thus representative. 

Alliance du monde®
a special place amongst international competitions
Quality standards that go well beyond the norm

Thanks to its stringent methodology: limitation on the number of wines tasted by each judge, ideal tasting conditions, strict application of international standards, stringent selection of expert judges, and a scientific approach to the analysis of results. 

Samples delivery deadline: October 18, 2013

Expert-Judges in grape harvest!

Originally planned early October, the date of the competition is shifted of three weeks. The unexpected and belated nature of the harvest has significantly altered the agenda of the wine sector professionals. In compliance of the rhythm dictated by nature and climate, we adapted, therefore, the date of the competition.

Alliances du Monde® Results

The first edition of Alliances du Monde® competition results are available :

Results Submit one or several samples

Noirlac Abbey

The Noirlac abbey In the heart of the most beautiful European oak forests, at the edge of the Tronçais forest.

Abbaye de Noirlac